New Domain and Web Site

After the expiration of, I’m looking for a new cheap solution for my personal blog. The original AWS EC2 & Wordpress solution is a little bit expensive for individuals and I know one of my friend Zhaoyu is using a Github & Jekyll solution. Since all those services are free and I bought the new domain for 7 years at the price 318 rmb, this solution should be easy and reasonable.

So you can find lots of instructions for set up a blog on github. Here gives the outline and some links I used.

Set up Github

If you don’t have a github account. Click to register.

Github getting started

Start your blog from fork

Build A Blog With Jekyll And GitHub Pages

The theme I use

So Simple Theme

Getting around

If you use plugins that are not officially supported, you need manualy deploy your pages. Here’s a way around.

I found this one easier to understand later. Charlie Park

import from your old Wordpress site

Here’s a nice tool jekyll-import.


To speed up your website, especially in China.


中文指南 基于Jekyll的GitHub建站指南 每个人都应该有一个Jekyll博客 优化Jekyll博客访问慢的问题 七牛做cdn加速或者做图床 返回顶部按钮

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